About Us

Hello and welcome!

We're two best friends, and we love fashion, jewelry and helping women feel and look their best!  

Our names are Sola and Becca.  I'm Sola, and I came to live in Europe when I was just 6 years old, and my parents (a Medical Doctor and an Engineer) decided to emigrate from Africa.  On my first day at school I met Becca, and when we found out we shared the same birthday we decided to be best friends!  

We're now grown up, and our friendship has lasted through thick and thin.  We've seen each other through good times and bad, heartbreak and joy, and we love each other so much.  

We are also both total fashion addicts!  We love dressing up for a night out, or a night in with the right person.  We've helped each other with tips and tricks, and our different backgrounds mean we can spot things the other would miss.  We decided to share our love of fashion - and our special tips and tricks! - with you, but what we really want is to have you join in our friendship.  

We hope you like our shop.  Everything here has been personally chosen by us to make you look amazing, and we know you'll love it.  Have a look around and don't be shy, we love hearing from our customers!  

Thank you so much for finding our little shop!  We hope to hear from you soon!

All our love

The Soul Sisters

Sola and Becca