Chic Fashion Tips 101: How to Look Expensive

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When it comes to fashion, we all need to change, like literally ‘change’ our style every now and then! That’s the constant part of igniting yourself to be ‘in’ in the fashion world. Hence, the only constant thing for a fashionista is ‘change’ indeed.

The tricks for the most is they do window shopping online or offline just to get the best ideas of the current trending fashion style and then do the DIYs for recreating their clothes to new ones.

You are here solely because you are a fashionista! I admire you for that. We ladies need to look expensive & luxurious and at the same time be in-the budget, thus we are grabbing these best ideas to spoon them in to you (‘coz gurl! Ya need it!). So far we have these best lists for an elegant, sophisticated and chic style!

  1. Get Rid of Earthy Colours

Avoid brown and other warm, earthy colours since they often end up looking dingy and sad. Such shades become dull quickly. Instead, go for an all-white or all-black look. Wearing all black is always viewed as chic – literally everyone looks good in it! It matches everything and hides away stains easily. Sometimes you need to go for all white. That always looks crispy and elegant. (Tip: just make sure your whites are bright and your blacks match).

You can have a look on these collections for a more sophisticated examples:
  1. Create the impression of custom-made clothes

 Looking expensive is about going beyond average, so get your clothes look like custom fitted and they suddenly look expensive. Here, you may need to make a quick stop at the alteration shop and spend extra bucks. And while you’re shopping, keep in mind that the simpler garment, the easier and cheaper it is to tailor. Don’t forget! Fit is everything! You can dress chic all day long but if it doesn’t fit, you aren’t going to look like a millionaire. These slight touches help make a look feel customized and as if you have your own personal stylist on speed dial. A little tweak here and there makes all the difference. *winks*



  1. A sturdy handbag

Don’t neglect the bag! Whether it’s large or small bag, there’s nothing more expensive looking than a sturdy bag! They’re chic and timeless. A hard-lined bag will last longer, and it looks more like a designer item. Expensive bags almost never have zippers. Keep handbags shiny and clean. Better yet, visit so you immediately know what bag would fit on you!



  1. Match Your Shoes with Your Bag

Shoes have the ability to make or break an entire look. People often think that no one looks at your shoes, but they do. Keeping your shoes in the same colour palette with your bag will ensure your look comes off as intentional, not haphazard. Adding a metallic pair can really class up any look.  Research has proved that pointy shoes look way classier than any other shoes. Pointy shoes don’t necessarily have to have high heels, they just have to be pointy at the toes. A killer pair of classic pointy shoes instantly elevates you to money land.

Now girl, we are giving you these collections for you to take some look:

(don’t just glance!)



  1. Wear weighty accessories

The right jewellery will elevate and make you look lavish. Accessorising with branded jewellery is another way to make everything you’re wearing look a lot more high-end. Jewellery is the ultimate statement and conversation piece.

Here are some more examples:



  1. Collect classic coats

 A great coat is an essential element of your style. No matter what you’ve got underneath, a fabulous jacket help you feel and look like a million bucks.  Forgo the trends each season and focus on purchasing coats that are forever. The trench coat makes almost every essential items list by celebrity stylists since it’s just so timeless. This coat could last you a long time and is great for those in-between seasons. Morever, a belted trench, raw denim, black leather jacket, camel coat will never go out of style.



  1. Make sure everything is freshly pressed

 If you can, steam your clothes instead of ironing them to keep your clothes wrinkle free. A top that’s wrinkled and creased will make you look dishevelled, but steaming that top will make your ensemble look like much more polished. Tucking in your top instantly adds polish to your overall look, giving off the impression that you are thoughtful and particular about your outfits.


  1. Beauty Matters

 Look expensive by finishing off your look with a bold red lip and polished hair. Just try a sleek blowout and not overly styled hair as they tend to look cheap. Go for minimal make up and neutral nails. These are the ultimate finishing touches.


  1. Have the confidence

 Last but not the least, know that looking expensive takes priority over style if you have confidence. Have the confidence that what you’re wearing is the talk of the town and it will be, for better or worse.


Hope you ladies enjoy our small chic talk!
Stay tuned for a more wonderful and stunning updates!

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