BAGS FOR DAYS: Perfect bags for different occasions!

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Bags are considered as a fashion statement that lets you stand out from the crowd. It is one accessory that completes a woman’s outfit. Even celebrities use them to display their status. Hence, it is very important to choose the right bag with the right dress that will give you a flattering look! Don’t neglect the bag! Make sure the bag looks right with your clothes and shoes. Always remember: whatever type of bag you have, the way you carry it says about your personality. Every girl who is searching for perfect bags must remember to ask herself what she will use it for. Here’s a list you’ve got to see.

 Bags for Days


Tote bag

Totes are perhaps the most universal bag in the bag industry. They have many practical uses while acting as a fashion accessory. They are either used for work, travel, or shopping. It is important to consider when, where, and why you will need to carry the bag most of the time. If you use tote bag for travel, consider the style without sacrificing utility, durability, or carrying ability. While they’re so common, simple canvas tote can say a lot. According to New York Post fashion magazine, a canvas tote is the ultimate status symbol in the streets of New York. These might work for the grocery store as a shopping bag. Choose one that is durable, sturdy yet stylish that allow you to transport your recent buys without a fuss. If you go to gym, there are also gym totes available that are both sporty and stylish. Or if you go for a picnic, utilize a large tote to pack all your picnic goodies. Tote bags also come in leather to promote the ultimate fashion accessory. They come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles.


Clutch bag

Clutch is obviously essential to perfectly match your outfit for evening events, weddings and other such fancy lady affairs. Clutch can also be incredibly versatile for many other kinds of occasions. Carrying your clutch around the office is a chic. Clutches are more useful for parties that lets you carry around just a few of your vitals and add some style to your outfit without being bulky or distracting from your look. You can see every actress carrying the same at parties. You must ditch all the non-essentials when carrying a clutch. That means no lotion, no extra hairspray. No compact mirror. Its just you, your phone, your money and I.D. Carrying a clutch bag makes you look luxurious. It is simply classy, elegant, and pure sophistication!



Satchel Bag

Satchel is a must-have type of bag in this age of smart and quick generation. It’s a large, short-handled and structured bag that gives a more tailored , formal look. This cool and trendy style makes one feel relaxed since it has handles and even adjustable strap that can be hanged from the shoulders and laid to the opposite hip. The diagonally crossed one strap holder comes in many designs and looks. Satchels are typically made of soft leather. They are use ideally for school and office accessory.



Shoulder Bag

This is also called everyday bag since it is the most functional bag of them all. It is typically used by ladies to carry small personal items. When choosing a shoulder bag, you must definitely think about durability and not just the style. After all, you do not want to replace it after only a month of using it.



Sling bag

Sling bags are chic in designs which can be dressed up or down for any occasion. With its versatility, sling bag could be perfect for the office and doubles as your night-life companion. This type of bag makes you appear very appealing and fashionable when carried. Another good feature is that it’s compact which limits you to only carry your absolute necessities. These types of bag are very much in demand and popular.





There you go ladies!

The ultimate choices of bags for days!

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